The Puro Research Group is a market intelligence firm specializing in quick-turnaround insights and analysis.  Our services are designed to keep you abreast of the latest trends, make you look smart in presentations, help guide decision-making, and are a critical element in reeling in new business.

Puro Research is led by George Puro, with the support of a team of specialists in numerous industries and methodologies.

About George Puro

For over 20 years, people have asked George Puro variations on this question:  “Do you know where I can find X?”  George has served as the trusted advisor and go-to resource for hundreds of clients, from marketing managers at Fortune 500 firms to competitive intelligence professionals at financial services firms to strategists and planners at ad agencies and PR firms.   George has helped clients uncover insights on more topics than you can shake a stick at (more than 6,000 of them in the last 10 years).

Projects have included consumer and association member surveys, broad industry reports (e.g., pet medications in the U.S., the yogurt industry in the U.S), target markets (Hispanics and online usage), trending topics (preferences for “Made in America” products) and obscure details (number of heat pumps sold annually).  While client relationships have spanned years, individual projects have ranged from four months to four minutes, and everything in between.

Mr. Puro has previously worked at ORC International (formerly known as Find/SVP), the National Hockey League, Citi, The Sporting News, and  He has also worked on independent consulting projects for McKinsey & Company, Merrill Lynch, and other clients large and small.  Mr. Puro has a BA from The University of Chicago and an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis (Olin School of Business).

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